Quality Objective

To carry and fulfil desire Dasar Kualiti, Objektif Kualiti that made as the achievement gauge is :-

( DAYS )
Application process for Planning permission plan 14
Approval for building renovation, addition, and extension plan 1
Application process for project and commercial plan 14
Application process for development plan 14
Public facilities and infrastructure minor maintenance work process 7
Minor electrical maintenance process 3
Earthworks plan and street and drainage plan approval work process 14
Issuance of business premise licence process Immediately
Rated property  valuation and assessment process 7
Change of Name/ Transfer of Ownership Application Process Immediately
Handling of Public complaints 1
Process for payment amounting to  RM10,000 and above 7
Enforcement on disturbance complaint 1 hour


Expertise and skill of necessity of this primary unit is to carry out the process which has been delineated expressly on task evaluation. This lead will be reviewed by Kangar Municipal Council management. Perlis (MPK) to ensure this organization is attainment of the objectives during the Reassessment Management Meeting