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All staffs under government sector are required to wear batik dress on every Thursday. It is an official dress to be worn on that particular day. For the other days, staffs required to wear formal, neat and tidy dress.


Code of Ethics

As the personnel who supports and declares government policies, it is important for all public servants in the State of Perlis to focus on serving collectively, being trustworthy, transparent, responsible and serve with dedication for the sake of the people, state and country.

The Perlis State Public Service Code Of Ethics is a basic guideline for all public servants in carrying out their duties in accordance with the Letter of Undertaking which has been signed. Code of Ethics is important as characters and any action by public servants officially or privately will reflect on the competency of government administration and have profound impact to the society, state and the country.

Public servants currently serving are the implementers of Government policies who should provide excellent service in accordance with the needs and expectations of the people who are becoming more sophisticated and knowledgeable, safeguard the reputation of individuals and government as well as not getting involved in any criminal acts, bribery and abuse of power.

In this context, honesty, dedication and integrity is an important pillar in the Code of Ethics for Civil Service of Perlis State which also prescribes the important principles of the National Principles, The Twelve Pillars, Inculcation of Values, Norm and Service Ethics and other matters included in   Chapter A to Chapter G of the General Orders.


Values of 1 Malaysia

There are eight values which are being applied by YAB Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak in the 1Malaysia Concept. These values are drawn up with the hope to unite Malaysians in the minds and

Actions which lead to one goal for the country. These eight values are:

  • The Culture of Excellence
  • Resilience
  • Humble
  • Acceptance
  • Loyalty
  • Meritocracy
  • Education
  • Integrity