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  • To achieve Kangar Peaceful Town Status by the year 2015


  • Increasing the infrastructure and public facilities for the convenience of the trading residents
  • Prepare public transport facilities including other related infrastructure
  • Develop Human Capital of the employees and the municipal community
  • Establish a town and residential area  environment which is conducive for residence.


  • Assist State Government towards a Developed Perlis 2015
  • MPK focuses on the development of
    • Fiscal development
    • Physical development
  • Council members and staff of MPK themselves need to have a first class mindset to enable them to provide first class service.



  • Increase infrastructure and public amenities to facilitate the rakyat in conducting businesses.
    1. Build arcades and additional business spaces
    2. Increase basic facilities in tourism cities.
  • Focus Areas
    • Pekan Arau
    • Padang Besar
    • Kuala Perlis
    • Simpang Empat
  • Provide public transportation facilities and its necessary infrastructures
    • Build new bus terminals
    • Provide intercity bus services
    • Upgrade existing bus terminal in Kuala Perlis
  • Develop staff and community’s human capital.
    • Strengthening Local Agenda 21 (LA21)
    • Shape first class mentality amongst staff and citizens of municipal.
    • Focus on   -  Cleanliness of public toilets, cleanliness zones
  • Create a conducive living environment
    • Extension of Safe City Programme with the spreading of Town Lighting Programme
    • Reduce crime risks
      • CCTV
      • Locked Motorbikes
    • Increase navigational sign boards
    • Create a clean environment
      • Effective and efficient garbage collection
      • Think Green
      • Abolish @ Reduce the use of plastics and changed to paper bags.